Thursday, December 6, 2012


I loved going on THE RIDE so much that I decided to take in the Holiday edition with a four o'clock tour that lasted for 75 minutes.   The 4:p.m. gets you both daylight as well as the holiday lights that take in areas such as Grand Central Station, 5th Avenue, Radio City Music Hall, and the Baccarat Crystal Star at 57th Street and Fifth Avenue.

This particular bus had a large group of people from Russia.  There was much focus on pointing out the holiday hot spots while "The Ride" voice gave a bit of history.  The soundtrack and videos in side the bus are much different from the one I did with Fazzino and the art work on the outside of this bus is way kewl!

I love when we hit a spot that one of the entertainers performs.  The microphone and speakers open up so you can hear them and they can hear you.  I'm most amused to see the people passing by as to whether they will stop to look at the performer as well as in some cases actually join in.   Then there are those that are taking photos of the scenario.  One day I want to set it up to be on the street and take photos and video of what it looks like from a viewers point vs being on the bus.

Depending upon the time of day, I think, you may not be able to go down the street of where the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center is lit.  I know that we were cut off from this at this time.

I went with one of my friends, who did this for the first time. Here is her email.  "
Merle -
   Thank you for letting me experience a city tour bus that is so out of the ordinary.  It kept me so amused and entertained that I did not find myself daydreaming wondering what I was going to do after this ride.
 The seats were so comfortable and everybody had a window seat.  The view of the streets and entertainers were perfect.  I do not think there is a bad seat on that bus.
   I really enjoyed the cute little story and the singing and dancing of the street performers.  They were so good that even the pedestrians were having a great time.  At the same time the sites and the facts of NYC were given to us in a fun quiz.  The whole bus load of people were involved - clapping, singing and laughing. 
  On some bus tours I've actually fallen asleep.  Not this one.  I would recommend this tour for everyone.
Joanna A.

The Holiday edition ends on December 30th so book it now!!!  

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