Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Good old Stop & Shop. Glendale, NY location.  I can always count on them to be aggravated.   Why do they post guarantees if they are going to make a big deal about them or even not honor them?  With a "double your money back" guarantee, you'd think that they would get things right.  NOT SO!

I had written that I purchased a semi-boneless leg of lamb (I still can't figure out as to what it would be if the whole bone was in considering that a bone went through the entire half leg) and had it cut up into a roast and some steaks.  Again, I had one steak that tasted a little weird and got nauseous.  Any time that I have had an issue with the fish or meat I have asked as to whether they wanted me to bring in the package.  They told me that I did not have to.  Just bring in the receipt or they have asked to have me bring in the price stickers as well.  This time I brought in the meat.  Total attitude as if I do this purposely to get double my money rather than monitor.  The people at the customer service area discussed it, asked what was wrong with what I brought back last week (believe me...there is a reason...look at the guarantee).  Interestingly, I did NOT get double my money back but the price I paid.  Who exactly gets to make the decision? 

Next...there is a sign in the seafood department that guarantees "no pin bones" in the salmon.  In the last few weeks I have had to pull out a pin bone from my mouth.  The sign is pretty recent so if they think that by putting up the sign you would feel better about buying it....it doesn't work!!!

I bring my own bags when I shop there.  I don't prefer to scan, but I place the items in each of the bags that I want "re-bagged".   It's a lot easier when I get home and have them separated by groups.  Even with cat food on sale at like 20 for $10...I put 20 in each bag.  Easier to carry as well.  And there is usually one large insulated bag for items that are either frozen or should be kept cold.   None of the cashiers have ever had a problem until MARY!  Last week I presented the logistics and she had an upset.  Everyone else moves things around and scans with the portable scanner, etc.  She has the need to pick up the bag turn it over and dump the items onto the counter.  And she has to life it high enough...if you get my drift.  Talk about drama!

I happened to have gotten her today and there was that attitude and asking why I don't scan it.  However, this time she picked up a bag of cans of cat food to dump and one fell off the counter and onto my foot (I wear sandals and it "smarted").   I had to ask if someone could pick it up as I have a cane....hint, hint. 

It was the last straw!!!   I had a conversation with the store manager about it all.  She apologized and said she would talk to everyone about the problems.  I called the corporate office a little while ago and expressed my complaints about EVERYTHING!!!   The customer service person took the info and said it would be sent on to the correct person who will be getting back with me.  Let's see if it happens and what they will do to keep me as a satisfied customer. 


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