Monday, December 24, 2012


It's one thing when I get mail addressed to a former residence of my home but when I get mail addressed to my neighbor, I have to think about where my mail is going to.  On Saturday, I received a piece of mail addressed to my neighbor on the right.  Today, it was THREE pieces of mail addressed to the neighbor on my left.  Just the legality alone of dropping mail into the mailbox of another is something to look at but this is the post office and it's my regular mailman delivering the mail.

My biggest concern is that my bills will not get to me and then I'm penalized.  One of the pieces of mail that should have gone to my neighbor came from a bank.  I called the post office to tell them as this is not the first time that this has occurred.  They even sent me a sticker to place above my mail slot alerting the carrier to make sure that it's going to the correct address.  After enough weather related upsets to the sticker, it is no longer there.  So, does that mean that the carrier now does not have to look at the address?  Am I expected to be a mail carrier and deliver the incorrect mail to the correct address?

What test did this guy take to get the job?  

I wrote on each piece of mail, "Delivered to the wrong address".   The carrier is supposed to "swing around later" and pick up the mail.  Is that like waiting for the furniture to arrive? 

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