Monday, December 31, 2012


Netflix wanted me back and willing to give me a one month free trial.  Competition is high with video rentals in both being sent snail mail and streaming online.  The deal is that for one month I can get a DVD sent, send it back and get another one, until a month later.   I can also stream as many movies, tv shows, etc. as I want.  Needless to say the streaming movies are not any of the latest and there are not many shows that if I have already missed, is most likely not important enough for me to see. 

Fios, for instance, offers free "on demand" stuff, mostly tv programs, so if I missed an episode of Glee, I could see that.  There never seems to be a movie on demand that I want to see for free.  Fios claims that the movies that they have on demand that you pay for come out before Netflix. 

The advantage to any of this is that you can sit at home in your underwear, if you choose, stop the movie, prepare your meal, go back, stop the movie, continue preparing you got it.  The cost is pretty good as it is not per person as in "going to a movie theatre". 

Then, again, there is your "plan" with Fios, Directtv, etc. that can include a whole bunch of premium movie channels. 

So, let's get back to Netflix.  I received a movie on Friday.  It skipped a bit and was annoying to watch. I let them know.  I send it back on Saturday.  They can't receive it on Sunday and I don't get an email on Monday that says that they received it.   I call Netflix and speak with supervisor  Michael, number 87341750.   It occurred to me that if they didn't receive it on Monday that they certainly won't receive it on Tuesday, a holiday.   They will most likely receive it on Wednesday and send out the next one on my list, which I won't receive until Thursday, the earliest.  

I'm asking, in order to view Netflix as something that I would continue, to send me the next two on my list at one time.  After all, they wouldn't want me to get the sense that for the offered price, I wind up with one per week, even though I send it back the next day.

Michael is not a very good public relations person.  He and the first person I spoke with just keep telling me that there is a three day period for them to receive the DVD back and if they don't they could look into considering it as being lost.  That and their not accounting for the postal days.  This has nothing to do with the conversation on hand.  He just didn't want to give me a free DVD.  "If we do this for one customers, etc."

When the exact date hits I will cancel.  They are certainly going to ask me why.   I will tell them that Netflix's staff is totally clueless when it comes to public relations and wanting to keep a customer.

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