Sunday, December 23, 2012


I have this indoor-outdoor zero gravity "chaise lounge" that I bought from Sharper Image.  Never hit the outdoors as I have been using it as my "recliner" in front of the tv.   It is made of steel, some type of non-chinsy material and wood on the arms.  You've probably seen these.  In the lying position, I tend to nod off due to it being so comfortable and having its own pillow as well.

With the many years of use and all I could do to mend the parts that keep it together (gaining weight will do that), I thought it was time to get a new one.  I had been looking all over for the same one but Sharper Image went out of business and had been taken over to be no more than an internet buying site.  Zero gravity chair not a part of it.

I googled and found a company called HAYNEEDLE.   It got lots of stars and I thought I found one that was perfect for indoor and moderately priced.  It showed being thick padded and close to what I wanted or at least what I would settle for.

Out of the box.  No instructions.  Didn't really look as if I needed any to put it together other than how to install the cup that goes with it.  No matter how I maneuvered it, it would not go into a sitting position and believe me I so stubbornly tried.  I spoke to customer service who said that there was a video on their website.  It showed the chair in a sitting position and how to turn a couple of knobs to get the position you want towards lying down.  It did not help.   You have to be able to sit in a chair such as this in order to work the knobs.  Funny that there were no instructions as if they had sent me one that someone had already returned and after looking at it and not testing it out, they just re-wrapped and threw it back in the box.

Hayneedle decided to refund my money and said that I should donate the chair or throw it out.  Donate it?  If it doesn't work, what would someone do with it.  It's not like a chaise lounge with no arms.  In its lying position, you can't get into it.  Perhaps HAYNEEDLE needs to check out the company that made it for them to sell, or perhaps they only use reviews that are positive.

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