Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Just when I thought that Stop & Shop in the Glendale section of Queens got their act together....It's not as if they have been open for decades when there were problems with the structure.  They decided to renovate. That was the good news.  It certainly looks great.  Expanded seafood department and an entire aisle devoted to Natural foods.  I'm so glad that they have a double your money back guarantee, though.

I think most people, rather than complain will simply just not go back to a place.  Not me!  My problems seem to lie with both the seafood and meat department.  Interesting that with the expansion that there is a "butcher" area in the seafood department carrying the top of the line.  Yet, I have never seen anyone behind that counter.  Not like when I go to Fairway and there are at least 3 people behind their butcher counter ready to be of assistance!

Talk about attitude!  One day I come in and request something that's on the flyer.  One of the "butchers" is arguing that they haven't priced the items and that's why they are not out.  He's quite rude about it.  I just keep asking when it's coming out and lo and behold they seem to have the items priced and someone brings it out.

Today, I was looking to purchase a "semi-boneless" leg of lamb.  I'm the only one that going to eat the lamb and at a price of $2.99 a pound thought it would be a bargain.  I ask the "butcher in the back" if he can cut it up for me.  Another attitude about it!  Frankly I don't understand what semi-boneless is if a bone is totally running through it!  I'm asking for steaks and a roast.  He cuts it up and packages it.  The look on his face was if I just stopped him from his thoughts about how much time it was before his shift ended.

If you go to the butcher area and need something when they are on their break (I think they all take a break at the same time), there is no one to assist you for at least 20 minutes.

Well, I'm re-wrapping to portions and decide to cook up one of the "steaks".  How awful!  Something just didn't taste right.  Like total nausea and stomach upset.  It made me wonder if the butcher cleans the blades from the last piece of meat he cut up before he cut this one up.

I then pop over to the frozen food to buy my favorite ice cream.  Graeter's.  There they are on the top shelf! I can see that there is a line of pints pushed forward, a space and then at least a line in the back that has freezer burn on them.  I ask one of the staff that works that area and he denies that it's freezer burn due to his buying some other brand that seems to have freezer burn but tastes okay.  Good Grief!

I so wish that Fairway Market was closer to my home!  It just might be worth the schlep to Douglaston.  At least the people who work there are pleased to do their jobs.  

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